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FNMA HomePath Renovation Loans

I believe that the FNMA HomePath Renovation loan represents the greatest opportunity in real estate today.  You get a very aggressively priced home, very favorable financing and extra money to fix the house up.

With this opportunity comes a little more work than your standard loan.  Our Newport Beach branch is here to guide and you through every step of the way and to assist you in better understanding the program process and how the HomePath Renovation program works.

More importantly we can help you get your loan closed quickly.  Castle & Cooke Mortgage is famous for our 8 to 10 day closing process and we look forward to showing you what we can do.

Below I have outlined the first 5 initial steps in the process.

STEP #1: Complete our online loan application for pre-approval.  (Click here to begin)
•  Pre-approval amount will include a “guesstimate” of renovation cost. Keep in mond you are limited to 35% of the appraised “as completed” value or $35,000 whichever is less.
• Note: If purchase LTV exceeds or is = to 95%, or if property is 2-4 units, FNMA requires a 10% cushion to cover possible cost over runs.  We can help you figure that is necessary.

STEP #2: You will work with your representing Agent to find an eligible property:
If you haven’t already done so visit  to find a HomePath Renovation eligible property.  Once a property of interest is determined, provide us with the address of the property.
• We will follow proper internal steps to determine property is eligible and inform you once completed. (Results are determined immediately)

• Eligible properties are Fannie Mae REO’s/foreclosures.
• Once property is determined eligible, I can provide you and your representing agent a Pre-approval letter.
• Pre-Approval letter is needed to submit with your offer to Fannie Mae and will include:
  1.  Pre-approved Loan Amount ( includes; loan, guesstimate of renovation cost, and 10% contingency if applicable, and 3% down payment)
  2.  Interest rate

STEP #3: Your representing Agent will submit your offer and a Castle & Cooke Mortgage pre-approval letter to obtain a “Verbal” acceptance from FNMA.
• Once completed, a 10 day inspection period begins.

STEP #4: You order standard home inspection (Interior/Exterior)
•  FNMA does an “AS-IS” Contract with future homeowners.
•  Future Homeowner/Borrower receives Home Inspection results.
•  You need to compile a list of required/advisable repairs based of inspection repairs.
•  You also add to list “desired” repairs ( these may be cosmetic repairs, ALL repairs MUST be affixed & add value or will not be approved)

STEP #5: Our processor and I will work with you to complete the “Renovation Mortgage” worksheet.
•  This worksheet is required at time of submission.
•  Worksheet will determine what repairs are within the allowable limits.
•  Once file is ready and submitted to underwriting for actual approval, underwriting will review and verify accuracy of calculations. (Original calculations are subject to change based off underwriting determination of accuracy).

This is list is intended to assist you on getting started with the HomePath Renovation Program. I invite you to contact me for a complete list of steps and any assistance you might need. Please see the information above for contact information.